our philosophy

Minimal is magical.We believe that each child has innate wisdom and magic within them, and that their imagination soars on a blank canvas. This is why we’re devoted to minimalist, high-comfort play clothes that allow space for their journey of self-discovery to evolve organically and authentically.

Play is where it all unfolds.
Play is the language of childhood, and provides a path for self awareness, communication, building personal connections, community, and a direct route to feeling abundant, wild-hearted joy. Our clothing is designed to support movement, adventure, and comfortable play above all else.

Nature knows best.
Our children are wondrous gifts from nature. As such, we are fierce protectors of their personal environment and the planet’s environment as a whole. That’s why we create timeless heirloom pieces that can be worn for years, minimizing waste and prioritizing health.

Children are whole and individual.
We believe in raising children with the freedom to explore and pursue the things that uniquely light them up, while supporting their journey and allowing them to lead the way. We feel one of our greatest powers as parents comes in creating a simple environment that allows our children to become their truest selves, and empowers them to express their individuality.

Community gives us wings. 
Beyond offering mindfully crafted children’s clothing and accessories, we also stand with arms wide open, welcoming you into our community of kindred spirits and conscious parents seeking varied and remarkable paths for their families. From home-birthers and worldschoolers to conscious, mindful, and gentle parents around the world, The Simple Folk family on Instagram is filled with parents that seek to lift each other up, and who readily share wisdom, support, and encouragement.

Together, we are a powerful force for change.
Learn more about our charitable work and how we give back to support the well-being of our children, our communities, and our world.