our impact

What greater impact can we possibly make on this world than to care for the well-being of all of its children?

We believe it’s the responsibility of us all to ensure that our future generations have access to basic needs, educational opportunities, safe places where they can flourish, and the ability to realize their dreams and achieve their potential.


We Stand for the Health and Safety of Families in Need

We’re proud to regularly support refugee organizations, women’s shelters, and nonprofits in the US and UK by donating clothing, masks, and funds.

With you by our side, we’re sending more than 1500 pieces of clothing to Ukrainian families and stand committed to easing suffering in any way we can.

We Support Children’s Education Worldwide

As members of the Change for Women Collective, we are honored to support four wonderful organizations that are committed to furthering children's education and wellbeing:

  • Pencils of Promise believes that everyone deserves access to quality education, and has helped more than one hundred thousand students in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua by providing teacher support, building schools, and teaching children about water, sanitation, and hygiene.
  • Malala Fund is working toward a world where every girl has a right to 12 years of safe, quality education. By amplifying girls' voices, investing in education advocates and organizations in struggling communities, and holding leaders accountable, Malala Fund is dedicated to giving every girl a chance to learn and lead.
  • Kikulu Foundation is an organization dedicated to unlocking the potential of children in Uganda through access to quality education. The incredible team at Kikulu Foundation helps fund educational materials and resources, teacher development and support, primary and secondary school scholarships, and portable solar-powered lights for nighttime study for partner communities in Uganda.
  • Bumi Sehat Foundation ensures that newborns in need receive a gentle, healthy start in life and provides free prenatal care and birthing services to disenfranchised mothers and families in Bali, Indonesia. The Bumi Sehat Foundation is founded by our dear friend, midwife, and CNN Hero of the Year Robin Lim.

Please join us in supporting education for all the world's children by learning more about these special organizations!